refer MPEx and get up to 300$

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MPEX - Referral Program

This is how our referral program works.

Company profile
We are looking for companies with 50 employees and more.

Step 1
Upon receipt of your referral, you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 2
MPEX will first send an introductory email to the referred contact, explaining the purpose of our approach. Your name will be mentioned and you will receive a copy of this email.

Step 3
A phone call will follow to determine the interest of the referred company. You will be informed of the result of this call.

Step 4
If the interest is positive, MPEX will begin a sales cycle usually consisting of a presentation of the solution and, if applicable, a sales proposal. You will be informed of the outcome of each of these actions.

Step 5
If the sale is successful, you will get the following benefits:

  • $200 Visa gift card for you
  • $100 invoice credit for your organization, if a customer at MPEX

There is no limit of referrals that you can deposit. This program is not exclusive to MPEX's customers, it is open to all.

Please complete the form to send your referral.